2016 Education Fund

A solid education can make the difference between a life of sustenance and a life of success. Your support will help change the lives of the children at Love & Hope.

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In a country that spends less than 4% of its GDP on education, a private education is a necessity. El Salvador's public schools are underfunded, understaffed, and take a one-size-fits-all position in education. They offer little or no support for children who have physical disabilities, learning disabilities or other academic difficulties. Public schools are also a breeding ground for gang activity, pulling children away from stability, safety, and any chance of success.

Love & Hope Children's Home uses private schools to match each child with a learning environment that fits their individual needs and abilities. Additionally, private schools offer smaller class sizes, creating a more individualized educational environment which is often essential for children who have experienced trauma as infants or young children. Finally, many private schools in El Salvador are religious, providing an environment where children are able, free, and encouraged to grow spiritually.

The true cost of educating a child is more than just tuition. There are books and uniforms to buy, entrance and activity fees, supplies, and transportation to get them to class each and every day. At Love & Hope, we budget for it all. In order to provide private education to the children of Love & Hope we'll need to raise $40,000 for the 2016 school year which begins in January 2016.

Love & Hope Children's Home has also entered new territory in the last year: university. Two of our young adults are now full-time university students. A university degree opens up many more opportunities for young people in El Salvador as they enter the workforce as professionals.

By contributing to our 2016 Education Fund, your donation will help provide education to the 21 children and young adults supported by Love & Hope Children's Home.

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